Diet Dew Crew Clan Rules!!! (Uno)

  1. NO RUSHED BASES! Do not invite or accept any rushed bases. If you are in our clan and you choose to rush your base then you will be kicked. It is too detrimental for war.
  2. At this time all members must be town hall 8 and higher. Do not invite or accept anyone lower. If you have a friend that is under and you want them to be in a good clan then have them join Diet Dew Crew 2 (The Dewce) 
  3. Only donate what is requested. 
  4. Specify when it is a war or non war request. 
  5. Do not say for war in your request for non war attacks. 
  6. No New members in war (must be in the clan long enough for the new title to go away) 
  7. Elders do not kick members (Co/Leaders will handle it) 
  8. Do not ask for promotions! It will result in an automatic kick! 
  9. Elder is earned only by 6 stars with the war strategy
  10. Co leader is earned over time and with trust 
  11. War strategy will be sent in mail before war starts or follow the strategy from the last war.
  12. Always attack for 3 stars. No looting unless one of the leaders announce it is time to loot as a win is certain. 
  13. War is for the glory of the clan winning, so farm and attack in multi player to make your loot. If all goes well in war the loot will be there as well. 
  14. Be active in the clan, you should always have a shield showing (not a gray one) and attacking for loot so you can upgrade. The stronger you are the stronger the clan will be. 
  15. Fill request! We have a minimum 500 troop donation for our members per season (a season is a month). If you see a request with "I need reinforcements" or "any/anything" Then make sure you give something. It doesn't matter the level just give and help out your clan mates. 
  16. Talk! We want to get to know you. Tell us about yourself. About your dog, your kids, your parents, your job, your school, your other interests besides Clash of clans. 
  17. Help out! Share your replays of an attack strategy that is working for you. Be nice and tell others what you think may help them. Even if you are just starting to play clash of clans you might have looked at it with fresh eyes and come up with the best way that no one has thought of yet. 
  18. Ask for and take criticism! If you are open to what others are doing and their ideas to what they think might help you then you are guaranteed to be ahead of the game. You might not like their way but try it, you might like a cross between what you do and what they do. 
  19. Be as diverse as possible. You might be the best dragon trainer ever but you will find a base that is made only to stop your style of attack. Practice different types of attacks for war so you can handle the different kinds of bases you may get paired against. Clash of Clans is always changing so what works today may not after the next update. 
  20. No cussing other clan members. This is a clan with adults so having fun with adult language is encouraged, just remember that we are on the same team. 
  21. When the clan is closed only Co/Leaders may invite new members. If you have a friend that would like to join then have them post  screenshots of their profile from top to bottom with all stats showing. This will take more than one pic.


  1. Devine Warrior™, Buck Wild, Trufflebutter and Tyranny Pounder read and understood!

  2. Rules as it should be. Nice quaint site we got ourselves here. Muhahaha!

  3. hello midnight wolf ummmm i dont see the rule where it says i have to have full cc troops before war attack but i will do so.

  4. Midnight Wolf that is because attacks with a full army including a full clan castle and spells should be a no brainer. But instead of leaving it up to chance I will include it. Thank you for posting.

  5. This is the best clan ever -Rader